Afterwork by Heineken: Brand Strategy & Community Building

Case: strategy, concept, communication and brand activation for Afterwork by Heineken
Result: Active community with database of more that 10k people from Rotterdam in age category 22-40 years within two years.

Heineken asked Soba Studio to build a strategy for their Afterwork by Heineken events in Rotterdam. We are responsible for both physical and digital community building, and created a strategy for social media, brand activation, local ambassador program, and community building. Furthermore, Afterwork by Heineken is about connecting local business professionals in a festive setting at the newest hotspots in Rotterdam.

Soba Studio organized Afterwork by Heineken editions in Weena Rotterdam, Bokaal, Nieuw Rotterdams Cafe, Keilecafe, Foodhallen and Rotterdamse Kost. As a result, the Afterwork community is getting bigger each event!  

Client: Heineken