De Bijenkorf: Sinterklaas Video Series

Case: video direction and production

De Bijenkorf asked Soba Studio to create a video series for social media to welcome Sinterklaas.
We thought it was time to put Sinterklaas to work in the various departments of de Bijenkorf. As a result, we present 6 hilarious settings with Sinterklaas in this video series. In collaboration with Avenue Concordia.

De Bijenkorf: Sinterklaas Video Series

How does Sinterklaas actually choose which kid will receive which toy? Watch the video to see how he tests de Bijenkorf toys!

Make-up artist Yokaw has a very special guest at de Bijenkorf’s beauty department. Watch the video to see what kind of beauty tips for the hundreds years old Sinterklaas.

In this video the Sint is taking a look in the bakery together with the master baker of de Bijenkorf.

De Bijenkorf asked Gem to produce a video serie for Sinterklaas. The Sint is having a serious negotiation with his customer about the sales at the Bijenkorf.

Gift finder
How can Sinterklaas always find the perfect gift for everyone? You can hear the answer in his vlog for de Bijenkorf!

Client: de Bijenkorf