Amvest: de Glashaventoren Placemaking

Project: Glashaven Placemaking
Case: concept, urban placemaking, pop up gallery and bar, event production

In the summer of 2017 Club Gem opened as pop up gallery at Glashaven 42 on Wijnhaveneiland in Rotterdam. A 350m2 former office space with big white walls and concrete floors, and the perfect location for our art exhibitions. We partnered with Amvest who will develop the real estate project Glashaventoren at this place in the near future.

Club Gem partnered with Brand Bier and organised weekly Friday drinks with live music, entertainment and a pizzeria. Furthermore, Club Gem hosted a Summer Show with 25 participating artists from Rotterdam presenting a variety of affordable artworks, including photography, prints, design objects and paintings. Also, we organised an information event for the neighbourhood to present the plans of the future residential tower. In collaboration with Gemeente Rotterdam and Avenue Concordia.

Client: Amvest