The House of ABABA

The House of ABABA was our own pop up gallery back in 2014 at Witte de Withstraat in Rotterdam. ABABA presented Rotterdam’s finest artists with an affordable art theme. The gallery exhibited a broad range of photography, prints, ceramic, paintings and art installations by renowed artists and young talents. Also, ABABA collaborated with brands and hotels and department store de Bijenkorf. We decorated rooms, shopping windows and entrance halls of buildings with our art collection.

During the completion of De Rotterdam building in 2014, Object Rotterdam organised their design fair in the residential tower of De Rotterdam called 44Floors. With ABABA we curated an empy apartment at on of the top floors of the building, offering amazing views over the Maas and city of Rotterdam. Object Rotterdam attracted nearly 10.000 visitor withing 3 days and The House of ABABA had a great opportunity to connect the artworld with the real estate industry.

In collaboration with Mothership